Chris Autry

This website is dedicated to my adventures in music.  It's designed to talk about bass, gigs, gear, and life in general.

Thanks for checking out my page.

 First and foremost I'm a musician that plays electric and upright bass.  I've done this as a full time career since around 2000 and to say I feel lucky is an under statement.

As I grew up I listened to a lot of jazz and was immediately drawn to the sound of the upright bass.  By the time I made it to middle school I was in band playing tuba but there was an electric bass in the band room that called my name.  Even though I was playing the electric bass I was listening to guys like Ray Brown, Paul Chambers, and Scott Lafaro.  Soon I was playing along with the radio and studying all kinds of styles.  I was learning bass lines played by guys like Nathan East, Pino Palladino, James Jamerson, Verdine White, Mike Porcaro, etc..

Since that time I've gone on to have a full time career as a musician.  I've been fortunate to play with artist such as: Josh Turner, Edge Of Free, Jo Dee Messina, Craig Morgan, Deana Carter, Patty Loveless, She Daisey, Julie Roberts, Danielle Peck, Brian McComas, Mandy Barnett, Scott Miller and The Commonwealth, and many other artist and songwriters.

I am  a member of a band called The New Dylans.  On top of all that I run several of my own bands.  The Double A Octet that plays american song book songs with some of the best horn players in Nashville TN.  I also run a Bossa Nova Band called Gilbossa and a soul band that covers the music of Stax and Muscles Shoals called Hip Jelly.

In my spare time I continue to study bass as well as horn arranging and piano.